Consulting in digital infrastructure and services
Setics Sttar, FTTH Network Design Automation Software

Consulting in digital infrastructure and services

Founded in 2000, Setics is one of the leading independent consultancies specializing in the design and management of high-speed broadband -HSB- network projects, software publishing and digital development of territories in Europe and around the world.

Setics exports its services in more than 25 countries and is involved in digital infrastructure and services projects with different business expertise such as technical and strategic consulting / AMO, engineering and software tools development.

Setics Sttar, FTTH Network Design Automation Software

Setics Sttar, an automated detailed network design software, has enabled the design of millions of premises worldwide.

The software saves time and money in design and construction, respects the engineering rules of network design and minimizes human errors. It thus meets the expectations of many types of operators, in France and internationally.







Qualified and multidisciplinary teams

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of digital infrastructures and significant R&D investments, we support our customers and partners in the implementation and delivery of complex projects (costs, time constraints, long-term projects, large number of premises, etc.).

They benefit from a personalised expertise from qualified and multidisciplinary teams, associated with innovative software developed by Setics engineers (Setics Sttar software, mapping and GIS tools...), in order to meet their needs and the specificities of their projects.

Our expertise
Our business combines technical expertise, adaptability and a commitment to excellence.
Setics is recruiting
For our employees, partners and customers, Setics' success is due to its strong corporate culture and its founding values: technical excellence and independence.
Setics is a major contributor in many national and international telecom associations and federations.


  • Project management assistance and strategic studies for local authorities
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuation of infrastructures
  • Assistance in contractual and financial project set-up
  • Technical and economic studies for large institutions


  • Production of preliminary studies
  • Realisation and/or follow-up of pre-project and project studies
  • Control or production of the execution studies and the documents of executed works
  • Field acceptance operations
  • General design and optimization of the detailed realization of FTTH networks (Setics Sttar)

Development of innovative software tools

  • Automated detailed design software of FTTH networks (Setics Sttar)
  • Tool dedicated to the follow-up and the monitoring of FTTH projects (FiberState)
  • Mapping and GIS tools

Our main customers

Around the world, Setics supports a wide range of public (local authorities, governmental and financial institutions, regulatory authorities) and private (telecom operators, critical infrastructure managers, network manufacturers) players.