We help local communities and government entities connect their citizens by designing their next generation communication infrastructure.

Setics is committed to the development of broadband infrastructures which started in France and has now extended Internationally.

As part of our daily work alongside local authorities for the deployment of their fibre optic networks, we carry out the following missions:

  • Production of preliminary studies
  • Realisation and/or follow-up of the preliminary studies and project
  • Control of the execution studies and the documents of executed works
  • Works support and management
  • Reception operations
  • Realisation of field audits and acceptance
  • Life of the network

We are convinced that the possibility of benefiting from a fibre optic network knows no boundaries. Therefore, we export our know-how in Europe (Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Estonia, Belgium...), in North America (Canada, United States), in Africa, in the Caribbean and through other countries of the world (Indonesia, Israel, Colombia...).

This international know-how has broadened generally using our Setics Sttar software for the planning and design of detailed automated networks.

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