FTTx project managers use a large number of tracking files, usually inappropriate and mismatched, for their projects. This leads to a vague view of overall project progress, and prevents proper assessment of work quality, as well as compliance with deadlines and contractual commitments.

This is why Setics has developed FiberState, a WEB application designed for those involved in FTTH rollouts and Network Life operations. Dedicated to monitoring and steering FTTH projects, this tool provides a comprehensive dashboard, giving a real-time view of network deployment progress.

FiberState adapts to each operator's procedures to provide a global, customizable view of the project for all those involved. Through the integration of daily workflows, FiberState extracts alerts and KPI dashboards in real time, which help operators to track their actions, assess their performance and make decisions.

FiberState in a few figures


Single, central solution for all project stakeholders


Time saved on daily monitoring


Time saved on monthly reporting


FiberState: a collaborative FTTH project management and monitoring tool

FiberState guarantees...

  • Digitization of deployment procedures
  • Centralized exchange of information
  • Comparison of actual and forecast data
  • Daily monitoring, progress of deliverables and handling of reservations
  • Real-time display of executive dashboards
  • Real time overview, adapted to each type of profile

To help you...

  • Identify hidden dynamics by displaying a pertinent analysis of project progress
  • Identify potential bottlenecks so you can act at the right moment
  • Create an activity report over a given period to justify investments (FSN, ANCT...)
  • Automate reporting to optimize resources

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