Setics Sttar dramatically ease
FTTH network physical design

If designing a FFTH Network is somewhat
cumbersome for you,be it in early budget
planning or in detailed design,
Sttar is really for you.

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Automatic Design of FTTH Networks

Generation of the design including network layout and detailed list of cables.

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Are you involved in Fiber to the Home Projects ?

Created by Telecoms Experts, Setics Sttar is a "must have" for those who plan and deploy Optical Fiber Networks.

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Telecommunications Consulting


Created in 2000, SETICS is one of the main independent French consulting firms dedicated to digital infrastructures and telecommunications. Setics’ mission towards its clients and partners is about:

  • Providing assistance in telecommunications projects by offering high added value consulting,
  • Providing strategic decision-making roadmaps in-depth analysis of technical, economic and legal issues,
  • Developing a wide range of activities by accumulating experience throughout our different assignments and by carrying out technological and regulatory watch.

Organized in teams set up specifically for each project, our engineers use innovative methodologies and tools designed by Setics. This is how the Setics Sttar software came to life, first as a tool to help consultants do their work. Setics STTAR has been used for 4 years by Setics Engineers on FTTH missions and is sold as an off-the-shelf product since 2012.

Setics Sttar

Setics Sttar

FTTH network design and optimization


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